MPWH Review

#3 MPWH Review

Acquiring STD of any kind can be very much traumatic to any person in the world. And one of the aspects in life of those who acquire STDs that get affected so much is on their social relationships. Having STD and having people know you have STD can be a very big blow on anyone’s self-esteem and could trigger pity on one’s self and their questioning their worth in the society. That’s why there is a number of STD dating websites that are being introduced to the people. And one of them is One of the leading herpes dating website in the world for HSV singles. This is a website where people with herpes meet people with herpes.


Meet People With Herpes or simply just MPWH, is a dating site for singles in search for a soul mate also searching for them. It’s like the famous dating site of today: Tinder. The only difference? It’s a dating site for people with herpes. And the people here doesn’t judge. MPWH is a dating website offering dating, companionship, support, and encouragement to anyone struggling with herpes.

It is one of the places where people who has acquired herpes can freely express themselves without being ridiculed or judged. While taking pride in protecting the privacy of everyone, MPWH provides a place for its members to discuss forums, blog ask questions, and/or share stories and encouragement to anyone who needs it.

Website Features

  • The design of the website is actually pretty simple making it as much friendly user as one finds convenient. The whole interface of the website is not difficult as it goes with your typical dating sites where you can make someone know you are interested in them by clicking on the “let’s meet” feature as you browse their profile.
  • Saying hello to someone in a dating site is a number one need of any member. And MPWH just gives you that opportunity. You can directly comment on a member’s profile and on their posted photos like in all other social media medium you know.
  • MPWH is a STD dating website that takes pride on how it cares for the security and privacy of any of its members. The site ensures that as the members meet people with herpes just like them, they are 100% protected in terms of their personal privacy. They have a privacy section where members can review how the whole site works.
  • One more notable feature of the is their 24/7 professional customer service phone line where anyone who becomes a member can have access to. It’s a great feature because anyone with a question can directly ask MPWH anytime. A rare site for any dating site.

Who can join?

Anyone who has Herpes can join (and maybe a little bit encouraged to actually join) regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, or nationality. Do you have herpes? Are you finding it hard to date others? Then MPWH is just about right for you. Here, you can meet people with herpes, get to know them, date them, and shares wonderful life with them. Herpes is not the end of your world. And MPWH is making sure of that.

Signing up is as quick and easy as any social media there is. Just click on “Sign Up For Free” and start to meet people with herpes and live life to the fullest!